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(What are the character’s saying?)

Actor-Actress Directions- What are they doing?

Shot Description

(Here you will describe what the viewer SEES in the shot in wording.)


(Technical Directions)


(Plot summary goes here..what is happening?)

Animation: Your drawings/designs will go here.


James: “This is my favorite movie guys, Rio 2 has the best songs!”(Dancing in his seat)

Crunch:”I love Rio too, Our precious jewel has returned I'll be the first to say welcome back

Oh welcome back.”(As he sings along to his favorite song)

Bug-A-Boo: “The first movie was so much better than this one” ( Bug-A-Boo rolls his eyes)

Squishy: “Is it me or does Nigel give you the creeps” (As he snuggles deeper into the blanket)

The viewer will see Rio playing on the tv and James sitting on the big couch with his toys under a blanket in the living room.

The camera shows the expressions of James’ face as he watches tv and his toys laying on the couch.

James is watching tv on the couch with his toys. He’s talking to his toys as he watched the movie play.


Aunt Sierra: “James!, it's time for bed you know your bedtime has passed”

(As she enters the living room)

James: “Come on Aunt Sierra, you know it's Saturday, Mom and Dad don’t even care when I go to bed, so why do you. (Not acknowledging his aunt entering the room)

Aunt Sierra: “James do not talk to me like that, I said what I said, pick up your toys and go to bed right now!” (Aunt Sierra begins to raise her voice and gives James the eye.

James: “I hate you, why did my parents even leave you in charge”( James stands up, jumping off the couch, grabbing his toys)

Aunt Sierra  comes down the spiral wooden stairs. The tv is still on and there’s a table in the middle of the living room with popcorn sitting on top of it.

The camera cuts to aunt Sierra coming down the stairs and telling James to go to bed. Then the camera zooms in on James’ face as he argues with his aunt.

James’ aunt Sierra is telling him to go to bed and but james doesn’t want to so he starts to argue with her and stomps up the stairs


James: “Why can’t my parents come home.They always leave me by myself. Do they even love me? I wish that they would come home already.”

Squishy: “Its okay James, your parents do love you, and we love you too right guys?”( Patting James on the shoulder consoling him)

Crunch & Bug-A-Boo: “Yes James, We love you too!” (giving him a hug)

James: “You guys are the best friends a boy like me could have”

Aunt Sierra comes to comfort James because he looks like he’s going to start crying.Crunch and Bug-A-Boo also come to show James some love on his bed because he’s thinking about his mom and dad never being there for him.

The camera show James’ room and him on his bed talking to himself

James is in his room and is talking to himself in his head saying how he wish his parents were there


James: “You guys I’m feeling a little tired,” (James begins to yawn and rub his eyes)

Crunch: “Me too, its coming to two o’clock in the morning. We should go to bed.” (Crunch says looking at the clock)

James: “Goodnight guys, see you in the morning.” (James says pulling the covers over his head drifting of to sleep)

Crunch & Squishy & Bug-A-Boo: “Goodnight!” (The toys say in unison, Squishy and Bug-A-Boo sleep by his side, while Crunch stays awake and watches as he tries to sleep on the edge.)

We see James putting on his pajamas and giving Crunch and Bug-A-Boo

The camera show james as he lays in his bed. The camera cuts to  his toys as they say goodnight to him. Then the camera zooms in on crunch as he stays awake.

James gets in the bed and goes to sleep with his toys on the side of him.


Crunch: “Squishy, Bug-A-Boo can you guys scoot over so I can have some room!”

Squishy: “Shush, Crunch we are trying to sleep here especially James.” (Squishy says grogley)

Crunch: “No, if I can't sleep, than no one can sleep, so MOVE OVER!” (Crunch starts to scream)

Bug-A-Boo: “It's too early, if you guys want to argue go downstairs.” (Bug-A-Boo says startled)

Squishy: “Everyone get up, if Crunch wants to argue then that's what we are going to do.” ( Squishy says as he walks out the room and down the stairs, and the rest of the toys follow.)

Crunch sits up in the king size bed looking for room so he can be comfortable.

We see Crunch’s face starting to get red because he’s angry.

This clip zooms in on crunch to show his frustration and shows squishy and the rest of the toys as they leave James’ room

The toys are arguing right now.


Bug-A-Boo: “So what is the problem that we were so rudely awakened by.” (The toys are standing in front of the fireplace)

Crunch: I'm tired of you and Squishy you both are so annoying, and I don't see what James sees in you!”(Crunch says growling)

Squishy: “Listen Crunch, you are the new toy here, you should try to be nicer to us and stop acting so jealous!”

The fireplace takes up majority of the living room. We see the fire  beaming ag the walls.

this clip expresses anger, frustration, and hostility from the toys

The toys move downstairs to talk so they don’t wake James up


Bug-A-Boo: “Calm down you two! All this yelling just for room on the bed.”

Squishy: “No, it's not just for space on the bed, its because Crunch is jealous. Since the day he got here he was jealous of our relationship with James.”

Crunch: “Listen here Squishy, I’m tired of the way you and Bug-A-Boo treat me and it's going to stop tonight.”

this clip shows crunch getting fed up with squishy and bug-a-boo and he needs to release his anger

Crunch starts starts to think of a way to take the other two toys out of the picture so it can just be him and James


Bug-A-Boo: “This could be resolved so easily, just apologize for what you both said.”

Squishy: “I meant every word I said, so I will not apologize for it.”

Crunch: “You both need to apologize for how you have been treating me, right now, or you will regret it.”

Bug-A-Boo: “Crunch, there is no need to go making threats we are all apart of the same family.”

Crunch: “I will never see you guys as family and you will soon realize that.”

The hostility rises and crunch is about to explode in rage

Crunch is trying to back the other two toys into the fireplace that is burning but one of the toys sees it out the corner of his eye


Crunch: “You guys will finally get what you deserve.”(Crunch picks up a fire iron and begins to force Bug-A-Boo backwards.)

Squishy: “What are you doing Crunch” (Squishy and Bug-A-Boo are forced toward the fireplace)

Crunch: “Say goodbye” (Crunch says with a sadistic smile.)

Squishy & Bug-A-Boo: “Stop please Crunch, it's not worth it.” (Squishy & Bug-A-Boo begin to plead for their lives.)

this clip shows the rage in crunch’s eyes and the sadistic smile on his face. Squishy and bug-a-boo show fear on their faces.

the toys notice the fireplace and try find a way to to convince him to stop


Aunt Sierra: “Oh my, James left this place a mess.” (As she walks down the stairs talking to herself)

Aunt Sierra: “And he left all his toys around the floor, I thought he took them with him?” (She says as she picks up the toys and continues to talk to herself.)

Aunt Sierra: “One of these days me and James need to have a talk.” (She says walking back up the stairs towards James room.)

The lights switch on.

The camera shows the toys freeze as they hear aunt sierra come down the stairs. Then the camera shows crunch’s face in disappointment

The aunt comes down stairs and the lights come on and starts to clean up.

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