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Published on 1st June 2018

Fortunately, more Americans are going solar every day. By 2017, our country had enough solar energy capacity installed to power the equivalent of 9 million homes. Yet we’re still not even close to reaching solar’s potential. Every year enough sunlight shines on America to provide 100 times more power than we need. We’re capturing a tiny percentage of it. Harnessing more of this power would mean cleaner air and a more stable climate; less strain on natural resources and more resilient communities; and an energy source we can depend on to be virtually pollution-free for as long as we can imagine. So what’s slowing us down? What, if anything, can stop us? In some places, we’re thinking too small, failing to update policies that would encourage even more Americans to go solar. In other places, we’re thinking too narrowly, putting the short-term interests of old industries with outdated business models ahead of our health, environment and wellbeing.

That’s why our Shining Cities project is urging 50 cities, including Las Cruces, N.M., and Tempe, Ariz., to think bigger, act smarter, and tap the sun for more power. For example, our state and local advocates, members and activists are:

  • backing a strong solar energy goal in Las Cruces and other cities in New Mexico, building on our successful 2016 effort to commit Albuquerque to getting 25 percent of the city government’s electricity from solar power, and

  • urging Tempe to increase the city’s renewable energy goal, a 20 percent by 2025 commitment we helped persuade the city to set in 2014. Tempe is already ahead of schedule, so we’re encouraging the city to set a 100 percent renewable energy goal that promotes more local solar power.

Solar panels provide farmers with additional income due to the contracts they receive when offered to have them on their land, another argument is that they provide additional energy, I doubt they could ever be the sole source of renewable energy. Plus they look very shiny and pleasing to me.There is no doubt to the fact that solar energy will rule the world in the very near future. If that has not started, it is starting very soon. The awareness is up in the air worldwide. Though peoples are still feeling skeptic about going solar, with more time people will realize that it is the right thing to do

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Wudeh Saidykhan

Posted on June 1, 2018, 12:59 p.m.

I think that this assignment is very informative. I think that more Americans should go solar because it would be great for the environment. Peoples commitment to solar energy can change the way we live on earth.

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